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Hypostasis n, The reality underlying or assumed to underlie a phenomenon.

What is Hypostasis ?

Hypostasis is a next generation operating system.

What are the goals ?

What is the current status ?

The project is still in the ideas phase ( largely where it has been since inception back in early 1992 ).


The purpose of an operating system is to provide a useful level of abstraction for those using it. To make the system and its applications portible at a binary level it is necessary to isolate the user from the underlying hardware and as a result create a virtual machine.

The idea with hypostasis is to create a virtual machine code (HVML) that all binaries are compiled into and those binaries are converted into native machine code at load time. This idea is taken a step further so that the only part of the Operating System that ever exists in the machine code of the target architecture is the bootstrap loader and a minimal version of the HVML-to-Native converter program.

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