Control (Australia) Pty Limited

CFM Scada Upgrades

We provided Software Engineering expertise to assist Wormald Control Systems to change the CFM SCADA system from a single node system to a distributed system, to support new kinds of field hardware and to integrate a new Historical Data subsystem.

Mirrors User Interface for CFM Scada

As part of the Revamp of the CFM SCADA a new client-server user interface was developed, we were involved with the debugging of the client and server software as well as the integration of it into the new networked system.

Vision21 Scada

We were involved with the specification , design , coding and integration of the core System Supervisor software components for Wormald Control Systems new Vision21 SCADA product. In addition to this we provided assistance in specification of the new History subsystem and the time synchronisation software.

Status 250M Fire Indication Panel S/W Upgrade

We were involved with the baselineing and formal test verification of the software for Wormald Fire Engineering's Status 250M marine fire indication panel product line.

HWT Scada Upgrades

We designed, implemented and tested a far reaching set of changes to the HWT SCADA system's alarm functionality enabling more tracability of problems detected by the system in the plant it controls.

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Last Modified February 15th 1998