Control (Australia) Pty Limited

We are currently reverse engineering and porting to a new Internet based platform a game developed at Newcastle University primarily by Dr Richard Mazzaferri in 1987 ( he was an undergraduate at the time ).

The original game ran on a Digital VAX under VAX/VMS and was in VAX Pascal, in late 1987 one version of the game was ported to Turbo-Pascal to allow it to run on an IBM-PC. In 1988 the original code was substantialy rewriten by James Smith at the Engineering Department of Newcastle University. The game was run for several years on the Engineering Departments VAX as a form of entertainment for some staff and students.

The idea of the game is that you are a member of a war-cabinet and you have to vote on what your country and its alies will do for the next time quantum, the votes are tallied and the most popular moves are executed. However it is not "one lifeform, one vote" past good moves are rewarded by addition of more votes.

Currently work has been suspended on the game as there are more pressing matters to be addressed. However work will be continuing sometime in the near future.


The original game is being revived, Kaos has obtained an old MicroVAX and a VMS Licence under the Hobbyist Licence Scheme run by DECUS and will start running the game shortly. If you are interested contact him by email

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Last Modified August 1st 2001